Tribute To Our Heroes


dsc00173           126.5x67cm          a tribute to our  heroes

  videography by Mélissa Béland


First World War 1914 – 1918

William Edward Campbelton 48th Highlanders, in the First World War

At Hong Kong

Lance Corporal E. A. Campbelton, whose parents, Mr. an Mrs. W. E. Campbelton, of Asbestos, received a telegram stating that he is officially known to be a prisoner of war at Hong Kong. He is a member of the Royal Rifles of Canada.

Corporal Edward A. Campbelton
Royal Rifles of Canada

He survived the battle of Hong Kong and four years as a prisoner of war in Japan.

Canadian prisoners of war in Japan in 1943. Starved, beaten and denied adequate medical attention, one in four died in captivity.

Sergent Gander: A hero among heroes

The canine mascot, Sergeant Gander of the Royal Rifles Regiment of Canada, died in Hong Kong in 1941 following a heroic act. In his mouth, he picked up a grenade thrown by the Japanese and ran to distance himself from the men. he was disintegrated by the explosion. As a result, he received posthumously the Dicken medal in 2000 for his sacrifice.

Celebrating the 50th Anniversary

The Sherbrooke Hussars, successors of the 7/11 Hussars, head for Hong Kong with 22 Hong Kong veterans to honor the fallen.

Adjudant Mathieu Giard was wounded in Afghanistan in 2007

Despite his wounds, his passion for the army remains intact. He recieved the Canadian Forces Sacrifice Medal for those wounded under honourable circumstances as a direct result of hostile action.

Mackenzie Bridge, Richmond, Québec